Skiold: A Leader in Agri-Products for over 100 Years

When the story of companies that contributed immensely to the growth of agriculture in the 21st century is written, Skiold will feature prominently. And none of its praise will be an exaggeration; the manufacturing giant has had a long and positive presence in the areas of design and innovation of farm inputs.

Whether it is millers, mixers, feeders or drying and storage facilities you are thinking about, Skiold always has the perfect equipment to serve you right.

But what exactly is Skiold?

The company is a Danish investment with interests in the manufacture, sale, and installation of products in the line of livestock farming. Their products range from processing and packaging of feeds and mixing of portions. Skiold also goes hands-on by embarking on projects of its own- sometimes with partnerships- to ensure it has a good understanding of what it is doing. Some recent projects of this kind include:

  • Australia feed mill project


  • Latvia Pig farm – has over a thousand sows

Skiold has been in existence for around a century now. You may thus guess that it has been a standout performer in its line of products and has racked up some good deal of experience too!

Worldwide availability

Skold’s success in Denmark has helped the company expand to other regions in and within Europe. There have been successful projects in Australia, Asia, and Oceania. This continued growth can only be an indicator of something the company is doing right, no?

One lovely thing about the company is that they do not just sell you products through third parties. They are actively involved in marketing and installation, so you can always be sure you are getting a clean deal.

Strong online presence

On top of the worldwide availability, Skiold has gladly evolved with changing times to adopt an effective online presence. The company’s website is one of the most fruitful online engagements you will find on the web. The result appears top in the search for ‘Skiold.’ Once you enter the website, the engagement is just as pleasant.

First off, you can select your preferred language of interaction- English, Danish, Chinese, name it. Then you can easily find just about anything about Skiold’s products and services with an easy navigation. Hardly anything you are looking for will be missing from the site, and, in that rare event, they have a query section at the bottom where you can seek answers sent directly- and promptly- to your email!

Doesn’t sound like a 100-year-old company, does it? Well, that’s just a piece of the amazing Skiold agri-products company for you!

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