Global Mobility in A Modern Organization

Global mobility does not have one binding or formal definition, but in the labor market it often refers to the movement of employees and human capital or resources between the borders of countries, nations or places. It is a concept that has gained popularity in recent times for a number of reasons. There are benefits for both a company and their employees to engage in some type of global mobility.

Firstly, employees may see the opportunity to move internationally as a chance to develop personally and professionally. Other countries offer new challenges, tasks and deliverables as well as new colleagues and teams – which adds to both one’s resume and their skillset. They will develop new perspectives and will bring learnings and new ideas and concepts back with them. They may be able to find new ways to address issues while abroad. Beyond new concepts or skills, a worker will also be exposed to new places, people and habits, as well as getting acquainted with other cultures, which can be viewed as an enriching experience. And with all the above being great for morale, ultimately global mobility will benefit the employer, because human resources are the most valuable resources to companies.

From the companies’ perspective, employees willing to move to a foreign country add a tremendous value as they can take information, skills and perspective to other offices in other countries while bringing back, as seen, an equivalent amount of knowledge. This also helps create a sense of unity and cohesion. It helps with a heightened sense of awareness as different cultures work and coexist, which in turn expedites the learning process in the workplace. It does contribute gaining first-hand access to other markets and market trends.

So it may seem like a big deal for a company to consider global mobility for their employees, when it really is an investment on the future of the business and it really is a cost-effective measure. Why not consider it today?

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