Why Plastic is Great!

There have been a lot of negative reports on plastic in the news lately, but those reports have been one-sided. There are a lot of positive reasons for having plastic products in and around the home and office, that to ban them all is just not realistic.

Plastics can be recycled

It is important to remember that plastic can be recycled. If this is done properly, plastic brought into the home by way of packaged meals and water bottles can be reused over and over, which is much better for the environment than to just send it all to landfill. The energy used to make something new out of recycled plastic is a lot less than if a manufacturer was to make that product from the ground up (around 70% less energy is needed). Again, this has a positive impact on the environment. This means that you can use plastic products, from a plastic moulder, and still be environmentally friendly.

recycling plastics

Plastic is a great product to use because it is lightweight and durable. It is also really cheap which means the end product is cost effective for the consumer. If something else was used for packaging then it is likely that the cost of that product would have been more. If household budgets are tight, this is a very important factor to consider.

While not indestructible, plastic is difficult to destroy and harder than many other packaging options on the market. Glass bottles break easily when dropped whereas plastic bottles are less likely to break. If a plastic bottle does break, it does not shatter into dangerous little shards like glass, this means it is safer to use in homes with small children and pets.

When buying plastic products, it is important to try and buy those made from recycled materials wherever possible. When that item is no longer needed, make sure it is put in the recycle bin so that it can be reused again.

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