Environmental movies are on the rise

One way of saving the planet is to inform the people of how they need to change their lifes in order to actually improve the quality of this planet, rather than to destroy it. This can be done in many ways. On the plus-side we see a rise of environmental awareness all over the world and specifically in the west. This is also shown within the movie industry where we see an upswing for environmental related movies. One of these are called Pandora. The movie is influenced by the Fukushima disaster back in 2011 with nuclear toxic powers were leaked in Japan. Pandora was made to inform people of this horrific accident and aims to avoid it again in the future.

Another movie is the documentary Before the Flood with the great Leonardo Dicaprio in which he travels all over the world to see the climate change with his own eyes. He visits the arctic to see how the ice melts more aggresively than earlier, he visits the rain forests to witness in what speed it’s being taken down in order for companies to expand, he also speaks with the, at the time, president of the United States of America: president Obama about this issue that affects all of us.

Another piece is the movie about oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico: Deep Water Horizon with Mark Wahlberg. The movie Riverblue aims to display the toxic chemical waste thats being dumped all over the world: in our forests and in our oceans.

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