Climate change

The Earth is facing several major environmental issues. One of the most discussed, which has been discussed for decades, is climate change. The climate has always been undergoing changes. The problem is that these changes, which used to take thousands of years, are now happening faster than normal. This is mainly due to humans and more specifically due to excessive combustion of fossils, gas and oil.

What is the greenhouse effect?

We call it the greenhouse effect due to similarities in the way that some gases effect the climate. The greenhouse effect has been resembled to a blanket covering the earth, making the climate underneath the blanket warmer – as if inside a greenhouse.

The greenhouse effect is one of the most controversial and politically discussed environmental issues. What many may not know is that the greenhouse effect is actually a natural phenomenon and that life on earth wouldn’t be possible today without it. Water vapor is our main greenhouse gas and accounts for most of the natural effect. Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are also natural greenhouse gases that has an impact. The real big issues, including rises in sea levels, melting polar ice caps, changes in seasons and rising temperatures of the oceans and the earth’s surface, is due to humans and the excessive emissions.

What can be done to make a difference?

Many climate scientists agree – the damage has been going on for too long. The issues related to the greenhouse effect and climate changes have reached the tipping point and it’s no longer seen as possible to restore the damage.  Instead scientists agree that the best thing to do now is developing more environmentally friendly methods of energy production. By doing so we can regulate the further impact and the mining and burning of fossil fuels can reduce.

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