Global Mobility in A Modern Organization

Global mobility does not have one binding or formal definition, but in the labor market it often refers to the movement of employees and human capital or resources between the borders of countries, nations or places. It is a concept that has gained popularity in recent times for a number of reasons. There are benefits for both a company and their employees to engage in some type of global mobility.

Firstly, employees may see the opportunity to move internationally as a chance to develop personally and professionally. Other countries offer new challenges, tasks and deliverables as well as new colleagues and teams – which adds to both one’s resume and their skillset. They will develop new perspectives and will bring learnings and new ideas and concepts back with them. They may be able to find new ways to address issues while abroad. Beyond new concepts or skills, a worker will also be exposed to new places, people and habits, as well as getting acquainted with other cultures, which can be viewed as an enriching experience. And with all the above being great for morale, ultimately global mobility will benefit the employer, because human resources are the most valuable resources to companies.

From the companies’ perspective, employees willing to move to a foreign country add a tremendous value as they can take information, skills and perspective to other offices in other countries while bringing back, as seen, an equivalent amount of knowledge. This also helps create a sense of unity and cohesion. It helps with a heightened sense of awareness as different cultures work and coexist, which in turn expedites the learning process in the workplace. It does contribute gaining first-hand access to other markets and market trends.

So it may seem like a big deal for a company to consider global mobility for their employees, when it really is an investment on the future of the business and it really is a cost-effective measure. Why not consider it today?

Environmental movies are on the rise

One way of saving the planet is to inform the people of how they need to change their lifes in order to actually improve the quality of this planet, rather than to destroy it. This can be done in many ways. On the plus-side we see a rise of environmental awareness all over the world and specifically in the west. This is also shown within the movie industry where we see an upswing for environmental related movies. One of these are called Pandora. The movie is influenced by the Fukushima disaster back in 2011 with nuclear toxic powers were leaked in Japan. Pandora was made to inform people of this horrific accident and aims to avoid it again in the future.

Another movie is the documentary Before the Flood with the great Leonardo Dicaprio in which he travels all over the world to see the climate change with his own eyes. He visits the arctic to see how the ice melts more aggresively than earlier, he visits the rain forests to witness in what speed it’s being taken down in order for companies to expand, he also speaks with the, at the time, president of the United States of America: president Obama about this issue that affects all of us.

Another piece is the movie about oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico: Deep Water Horizon with Mark Wahlberg. The movie Riverblue aims to display the toxic chemical waste thats being dumped all over the world: in our forests and in our oceans.

One way of finding nice spots to shoot environmental related movie is to contact a location scout agency which provides various suitable spots.

Why Plastic is Great!

There have been a lot of negative reports on plastic in the news lately, but those reports have been one-sided. There are a lot of positive reasons for having plastic products in and around the home and office, that to ban them all is just not realistic.

Plastics can be recycled

It is important to remember that plastic can be recycled. If this is done properly, plastic brought into the home by way of packaged meals and water bottles can be reused over and over, which is much better for the environment than to just send it all to landfill. The energy used to make something new out of recycled plastic is a lot less than if a manufacturer was to make that product from the ground up (around 70% less energy is needed). Again, this has a positive impact on the environment. This means that you can use plastic products, from a plastic moulder, and still be environmentally friendly.

recycling plastics

Plastic is a great product to use because it is lightweight and durable. It is also really cheap which means the end product is cost effective for the consumer. If something else was used for packaging then it is likely that the cost of that product would have been more. If household budgets are tight, this is a very important factor to consider.

While not indestructible, plastic is difficult to destroy and harder than many other packaging options on the market. Glass bottles break easily when dropped whereas plastic bottles are less likely to break. If a plastic bottle does break, it does not shatter into dangerous little shards like glass, this means it is safer to use in homes with small children and pets.

When buying plastic products, it is important to try and buy those made from recycled materials wherever possible. When that item is no longer needed, make sure it is put in the recycle bin so that it can be reused again.

Climate change

The Earth is facing several major environmental issues. One of the most discussed, which has been discussed for decades, is climate change. The climate has always been undergoing changes. The problem is that these changes, which used to take thousands of years, are now happening faster than normal. This is mainly due to humans and more specifically due to excessive combustion of fossils, gas and oil.

What is the greenhouse effect?

We call it the greenhouse effect due to similarities in the way that some gases effect the climate. The greenhouse effect has been resembled to a blanket covering the earth, making the climate underneath the blanket warmer – as if inside a greenhouse.

The greenhouse effect is one of the most controversial and politically discussed environmental issues. What many may not know is that the greenhouse effect is actually a natural phenomenon and that life on earth wouldn’t be possible today without it. Water vapor is our main greenhouse gas and accounts for most of the natural effect. Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are also natural greenhouse gases that has an impact. The real big issues, including rises in sea levels, melting polar ice caps, changes in seasons and rising temperatures of the oceans and the earth’s surface, is due to humans and the excessive emissions.

What can be done to make a difference?

Many climate scientists agree – the damage has been going on for too long. The issues related to the greenhouse effect and climate changes have reached the tipping point and it’s no longer seen as possible to restore the damage.  Instead scientists agree that the best thing to do now is developing more environmentally friendly methods of energy production. By doing so we can regulate the further impact and the mining and burning of fossil fuels can reduce.